Mt. Arrowsmith, Judges Route - Sunday, Oct. 22 (B2)

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Meeting time: 8:30 AM at Cameron Main Connector left off Highway 4:

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Required gear: warm layers, raingear, food/snacks, water, hiking pole(s), sturdy hiking boots

Description: We will meet just after the gate at 8:30 AM on Cameron Main Connector and then drive up to the trial head parking area. We will aim to be hiking by 9 to 9:10 AM and depending on the pace of the group, should be done the outing by 4:30 to 5:30 PM. We will hike the Judges Route up and back. The trail is steep, rocky and eroded in spots, so participants should be comfortable on uneven terrain. This trip is weather dependent and contingent on Mosiac gates being unlocked. Open gate time is currently listed as being 6 AM to 6 PM. Carpooling can be arranged.

Max participants: 8

Leaders: Roger & Peggy Taylor

Contact: to register



Hi Guys, I am totally new to this site. I see that you have hike to Mt Arrowsmith, which is kind of close by to the mountains I want to hike. Looking for hiking partners, for safety reasons. Not wise to hike alone. I live in Lake Cowichan and have access to Mosaic gate key for the areas around south lake cowichan. Therefore, I can drive very close to the mountain ridges. Most of the logging roads will get you to the 900 to 1000 meter elevation. Mountains and mountain lakes I am interested in hiking to are Mt. Bolder, Sadies Peak, Mt. Heather, Mt. Langdale, Green Mountian, Heather lake, Bomber Lake, Sherk Lake.
Heather creek falls is also of interest to me as one possible route to Heather lake and Mt. Heather.
Anyway, if you are interested in discussing further please contact me, or pass my inquiry off to someone interested in hiking the mountains around the Lake Cowichan area. I think most of the hikes are day hikes. 6 kilometers one way is the longest. All unchartered. I have never hiked the ridges and peaks, but from what I can see from Google Earth all look fairly straight forward. However, you should be in pretty good shape to attempt the hike.

Gino Gaiga