Looking for hiking partners for mountains east of Lake Cowichan

Hi hiking people out there. I have access to some of the Mosiac gates on the Youbou side of lake Cowichan. Mountain’s of interest to me are Mt. Whymper (1500 meters), Mt Langdale (1525 meters), Sadies peak (1400 meters), Mt. Boulder (1300 meters), Mt Heather and Green Mountain are also on my list. These mountain are the main ones in this area. My ability to access these mountain to an elevation of 900 and 1000 meter by logging road will get me very close to the actual peaks. Furthest hike in would be 7 kilometers. There are a few mountain top lakes and water falls along the way. Please contact me for more details. These are hikes planned for the spring and summer mostly, but winter excursions may be possible. My rough calculation is that it will take from 1 hour to 2 hours by logging road from Youbou to the bottom of mountain peaks. I am new to this site and plan on being at the Christmas gathering on the evening of the 14th. Hope to meet up with some of you interested in this area of Vancouver Island.

Gino Gaiga

Hi Gino, definitely good to come to the Christmas gathering. You can also put a trip on the calendar and see who signs up that way - more members get the emails that way.

Hi Neil, when you say the calendar do you mean where l posted today? Also is it possible to private message with someone on the discourse?
May see you tomorrow night.

Hi Gino,

Glad you have sought us out to find hiking partners! Gates and access are such a big issue on Vancouver Island, so it would be a WIN-WIN scenario for you to find hiking buddies and the club to have access through gates! I hope to meet you tonight at the Christmas social. My name is Peggy Taylor…let’s seek one another out tonight as Roger and I like to put some hikes on the ACCVI schedule from time to time and we know a few other Victoria members who lead and/or would like to explore this area.

Perfect, hopefully see you guys tonight.