Ideas for trips

Attached is a list of mountain destinations for trip ideas, organized roughly according to difficulty / duration. This list is posted on the Trip Leaders section of the website, but as it is work in progress, it would be great to get your feedback and additional ideas here so we can update the list on the website.
Thanks for your input and sharing some of your favourite places!

Destination ideas for trips


The goal of this list is to help trip leaders find destinations for scheduled trips. Of course there are many variables in choosing suitable trips - such as day length, weather, road conditions, level of difficulty and exertion required - but it is hoped this helps.

Shorter day trips

  • Mt Manuel Quimper / Brule
  • East Sooke hike Babbington Hill or Mcquire
  • Sooke Hills amigos
  • Sooke hills Grass and Shields Lakes
  • Mt Tzouhalem
  • Mt Braden
  • Townsend Ridge and Sugarloaf
  • Mt Finlayson
  • Mt Newton
  • Goldstream Park/Niagara Falls
  • Maple Mountain
  • Empress Mountain
  • Mt Benson
  • Mt Prevost

Longer day trips

  • East Sooke park traverse
  • Mt Arrowsmith
  • Mt Moriarty
  • Mt Cokely
  • Forbidden Plateau traverse
  • 5040 Peak
  • El Capitan
  • Mt Landale
  • Mt Service
  • Heather Mountain
  • Mt Ginger Goodwin
  • Mt Drabble
  • Indianhead
  • Mt Becher
  • Crest Mountain
  • Mt Apps
  • Adder Mountain
  • Wesley Ridge Traverse (Mt. Wesley), with or without Mt. Horne
  • Mt Gibson via Brigadine Lake

Even longer day or backpacking trips

  • Mt Albert Edward
  • Castle Crag circuit
  • Elk River Trail to Iceberg Lake
  • Flower Ridge
  • Augerpoint
  • Steamboat
  • Pogo
  • Triple Peak
  • Mt Myra
  • Comox glacier
  • Kings Peak
  • Mt Klitsa

Ski or snowshoe trips

  • Mt Elma
  • Mt Brooks
  • Mt Becher
  • 5040 Peak
  • Mt Apps
  • Adder Mountain
  • Kludahk trail
  • Mt Albert Edward
  • Mt Cokely

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Kilisa & Triple Peaks & Pogo could be done as a day(longish) trip. Mt. Gibson via BRIGADE Lake is more like a two day trip.
Barb Baker

Hi folks - I’ve made Catrin’s post a Wiki post which means anyone can edit it. If you have new trip ideas or corrections feel free to fix it directly here.