Wildflower Hike: Amigos and Bumps (B2/3)

Originally published at: Wildflower Hike: Amigos and Bumps (B2/3) – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

Join Mary Sanseverino on a hike in the Sooke Hills during peak wildflower season. We will wander up the Amigos (Alan and Tony), bushwhack up to a lovely plateau, then head to the top of Neal. Then on to John and Malcolm. Down Malcolm to the Amigos Carriageway via a new route. Then via Canada Day Trail to the top of David’s Delight. Down David and across Veitch Creek to the Veitch Carriageway and home. All the effort will be worth it for the pleasure of travelling in the Sooke Hills during the absolute peak of the spring wildflower display. Expect some breaks for flower identification and photography!

If we are lucky we’ll be perfectly timed for a grove of calypso orchids on top of Neal, and one (or more) rare white satinflowers in the Amigos. Other feature flowers include shooting star (two species!), trillium, orobanche, alaska saxifrage, sea blush, blue-eyed Mary, meadow death camas, flowering currant, streamside violet, several kinds of monkeyflower, loads of saxifrage, possibly some chocolate lily, and more.


  • Approximately 9km
  • Elevation gain of 650 – 700 m.
  • Moderate pace (a reasonable level of fitness is required)
  • Some bushwhacking sections, some scrambling in spots, some steep descents, some off-trail exploration.

Required gear: hiking books with good ankle support, extra layers, rain gear, water/hot drink, lunch, snacks, 10 essentials. Hiking poles are strongly recommended.

This hike will run rain or shine. However, poor conditions may require changes to our route.

Meet at Sooke Hills Wilderness Park lot on Sooke Road at 8:20am for an 8:30am departure

No dogs please.

RSVP to Rachel rtreloarma@yahoo.ca (co-organizer)

Maximum 12 people