Warden Peak - Standard Route

Originally published at: https://accvi.ca/events/warden-peak-standard-route/

Meeting time: Trailhead Warden Peak / Sunday 5:00PM or Sunday 5:00AM

Required gear: Alpine day pack with harness, ATC, locker, non locker, and prusik

Description: Overnight, or day trip of Warden Peak Saturday to Sunday following standard route. Two parties currently going, Satuday afternoon to the rock flats camping spot and another Sunday 5:00am daytrip from the trailhead. Parties will meet up before the climb and process together as one group.

Max participants: 6, free spots left 2

Leaders: John Relyea-Voss, Stephanie Leblanc

Contact: 613-5721-4698, @johnrvoss (Instagram), John Relyea-Voss (facebook)