VI Peaks and Indigenous Names

This is a new forum to report progress on the Map of Vancouver Island Peaks. On May 19th, 2021 Mary Sanseverino announced on Facebook that a new web page and map have been uploaded to the ACCVI website. The June Newsletter will contain additional information.

To date this has been a collaborative effort involving Lindsay Elms, Mary and myself. The scope of the project has now been expanded in two ways:

  1. Collecting photos of all the peaks on Vancouver Island
  2. Contacting First Nations

However, neither of these projects will get very far without additional help. Our plan is to split the island into two or three zones corresponding roughly to the main Indigenous language regions. Within each zone, one person will help Mary collect and upload photos and another person will help Geoff assemble a map and database of First Nations websites and contact info. If either of these projects interest you, please contact us.