Vancouver Island Trail Thru-hike

Hey everyone! My partner Rebecca Michelle and I just finished our thru-hike of the Vancouver Island Trail, minus the Beaufort Mountains (closed due to fire hazard) and the Bonanza Range (which we judged too incomplete and difficult for our comfort level). The project was generously assisted by the ACCVI’s Memorial Fund.

We took a lot of video that we plan to edit into a short film detailing our experience, including management of Type 1 Diabetes in the backcountry, and the relationship between human activity and natural processes on the Island. This project is at least several months away but watch this space for updates!

If anyone would like more detailed information or have specific questions about the trip, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Congratulations Nick and Rebecca! This is a wonderful achievement, especially with the extreme heat at times this summer. I’m sure your experiences and feedback will be of real help to the Vancouver Island Trail Association too.
Let’s keep in touch of how and when to share your film when it is ready. No rush of course, but we can fairly easily schedule an occasion for this sometime in 2022. Looking forward to that!

Hi Nick,

Peggy Taylor here…I currently organize the monthly slideshows and I am wondering if you think your adventure might be worthy of sharing at a slideshow? I have May 12 and June 9, 2022 currently available if you think you might be interested in sharing this way. Feel free to email me at if you are interested.

This sounds awesome! Congratulations Nick and Rebecca. Please do consider Peggy’s invitation to speak at a slide show. I’d love hear more about this adventure. Well done!

Hi Peggy we’d love to! It would have to be a virtual slideshow as we are not currently based on the island. Let’s shoot for the May date?


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Hi Nick,

It would be awesome to hear about your adventures on the VI trail~! Just one glitch about May…our January in-person presentation has been cancelled and I am waiting to hear back if our presenter is willing and able to do a Zoom presentation on that date or if he wants to postpone to May. So stay tuned!