Three Peaks in Sooke Hills

The club asked me to share some experiences and photos of our hike in the Sooke Hills on October 17th, 2020.

The hike took us around 7 hours incl. some short breaks, and luckily no rain today!

The hike offers beautiful bluffs, fields of ferns and meadows of moss. Some parts require some scrambling, and in rain season it is slippery; trails become creeks.

Our little group was fit and happy to hike with a positive vibe.

We went up mount M. Quimper using the summit trail; a trail with views over Sooke Basin and East Sooke Hills.

After M. Quimper, we crossed the little valley full off giant ferns, between M. Quimper and the bluffs of Thunderbird. We hiked up the bluffs, where we had our lunch, and we went on to hike Ragged.

Hi Zoe, sounds like a wonderful trip. Couldn’t come because of SAR training. Hope you put it on again. Thanks. Erich