Tales from the Great Divide

Greetings to those of you who attended the online slide show I gave in May 2020 entitled " The Adventure of a Lifetime, a Glimpse into the Early History of Canada’s Great Divide Trail", At long last, I am sending you a link to a PDF of the Collector’s Edition of “Tales from the Great Divide”. This e-book is basically the same as the print version that was launched at the Great Divide Trail Association’s AGM on September 30, 2019, and that sold out by mid-November. The only difference is that the errors noted in the errata sheet inserted in each book have been fixed. Here is the link. The cost is $11.00. The great thing about this PDF is you can use it to search for specific words and phrases in the Collector’s Edition of the book so you can find your favourite stories. You will not be able to edit, format, or comment on this document. You can copy segments and print individual pages, although the print quality will not be as high resolution as the printed version that you have already purchased. Please do not forward the PDF to others who have not purchased the e-book. Instead, forward the link and encourage them to buy it.