Summer Camp - Week 3 - Family Week

A bit tardy but I wanted to get a post up from the family camp portion (week 3) of summer camp as a parent with the two youngest participants (Noah 11, Aman 9).

I wanted to offer a shoutout to all the organizers who made this camp possible. The organization to make this camp possible was impressive as was the managing of the all the moving parts. My sons had a life-changing experience with first time glacial travel, rope work and high alpine travel and with such an extended trip format and remote setting, it made it especially impactful.

This offering is so valuable to children and to families. This kind of itinerary would be all but impossible for individual families to pull off both financially and technically without the support offered in this camp format and the Alpine Club. Some of the most formative and important experiences in my life were had in the high alpine among climbing friends and this camp made that possible for my children, for which I am very appreciative of. I sincerely hope that this program is able to continue into the future with its current level of support. I hope to be able to do as much as possible to help support and ensure this.

The technical skills and safety instruction were great for the boys (and myself - I have many holes to patch in my technical skills) and seeing all the young participants embrace and settle deeply into the rhythm of trip and the flow of life in the alpine was so rewarding.

Thanks and thanks again!

Mark Benson

(We proved that it takes 5 people to break an Oh Henry Bar in a sticky snow t-slot anchor - in case any are wondering what the photos are about - and that is a peach mousse being pulled off by my oldest son using snow cooling which was a huge hit with camp members.)

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Great shots! Thanks for showing the details.

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Terrific photos, Mark! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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