Summer Camp 2023 - Bendor Mountain Week 1

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Date: July 16 – 23, 2023

Time: All Day

Category: Summer Camp

We are planning three weeks of summer camp for adults, and one week for families of any inter-generational combination, with full bursaries offered for youth aged 10 – 18 attending Family Week.

· Week 1: July 16-23 Adult summer camp, Max: 15

· Week 2: July 23-July 30 Adult summer camp, Max: 15

· Week 3: July 30-August 6 Family Camp, Max: 20

· Week 4: August 6–13 Adult summer camp, Max: 15 (depending on demand)

LOCATION: Bendor Mountain, approximately 65 km north of Pemberton; staging near Bralorne.

COST: $700, includes helicopter flights in and out and full use of the camp facilities.

REGISTRATION opens in early March 2023 to all ACCVI members, starting with those who live on Vancouver Island and adjacent islands.

Be sure to read the updated Summer Camp General Information Guide 2023 and review the attached hyperlinks at the bottom of the guide. Your understanding and agreeing to our policies is a requirement of registration and helps you to know what to expect at summer camp.

Also, keep an eye out for a Tiny Letter email about the opening date for camp registration!

Keep watching this webpage (and the club Discussion Forum, High Points weekly email to members, and Facebook page) for updates.

See Bendor Mountain 2023 for more information.