Social Night - Gear Sale and Swap

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Contact: Deniz Aydin,

Place: Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, outdoor space. (not in) Beacon Hill Park norThe Beagle on Cook St as announced earlier

Objective: Gear buy, sell and exchange

Cost; Personal expenses

Details: Come get rid of your used/unwanted gear! This night is for the long forgotten items in your gear closet. Find them a new home or breathe new life into someone else’s wayward items!

Types of gear suggested for the swap: easily portable by one person, and either hard or easily cleanable materials only. No “soft” safety gear. That means, no climbing ropes or slings, and no giant SUPs. Good items for this night might be: unused crampons, cams that need rewiring, mountaineering boots that are too small, that car camping sleeping bag you never use, etc.

Max: unlimited/unrestricted.