Rockies Ice Climbing/Touring Trip

Originally published at: Rockies Ice Climbing/Touring Trip – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

Vaccination Required: Yes

Trip Co-Leaders:

Casey Matsuda

Instagram: @caseymatsudaa

Facebook Casey Matsudaa


Please feel free to reach out to us on social media

John Relyea-Voss

Instagram: @johnrvoss

Facebook: John Relyea-Voss


Objective: Ski Touring – Ice climbing

Routes: TBD – Will change daily based on avalanche and weather conditions

Max Group Size: Four

Difficulty: Difficulty and objectives will change based on forecasted avi risk and weather.

Require Experience Ski Touring: Participants must have AST1 and moderate back country touring experience for ski touring trips. Participants must have all required avalanche safety equipment and knowledge of how to use equipment.

Require Experience Ice Climbing: Participants need crampons, helmet, ice tools as well as lead belay knowledge.

Possible Trip Locations are in and around Banff and Canmore. Ice climbing trips will vary in difficulty and area. If you are in the area during the listed dates, please feel free to reach out as we would love to include you in our climbing adventures!