Photo contest trophies

This year sees the end of our nearly 30 year run of our photo trophies being shunted from winner to successive winner. Many thanks to Peggy Taylor for keeping up with the distribution and the engraving of the names each year. As previously announced, from this year we are replacing them with gift card tokens for outdoor gear. Make sure to join us to cast your vote on 29th October!

So the question is, what to do with these behemoth trophies of club lore? Maybe part of the answer at least is captured in this image created by Rob Macdonald. Other ideas?

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Rob has now produced beautiful versions of all 6 of the photo trophies, capturing all winners’ names on the front and side plinths to preserve the full history. The backdrop of each is stunning.

Perhaps we need a caption for each - suggestions please…

Click on each photo to see them larger. One of the photos has a hidden climber - see if you can identify…

Can’t quite make out the words on the back of the T-shirt worn by the climber on “The Big Nut”.