October Slideshow - ‘Let the Photographs Speak: Historic re-photography in the Canadian Mountain West'

Our next online slide show will be on Thursday 15 October 2020 at 7.00 pm. All members, family and friends welcome, we hope to connect with you there!

Our speaker will be Mary Sanseverino:

‘Let the Photographs Speak:
Historic re-photography in the Canadian Mountain West’

Mary is well known in the section as the previous editor of our seasonal Bushwhacker Newsletter, through which she brought her expertise and enthusiasm onto our screens for many years. Mary is a Teaching Professor Emerita in the Department of Computer Science at UVic, and a long time mountaineer and photographer. A perfect combination of skills indeed for the Mountain Legacy Project, which has benefitted from her work since 2010.

The Mountain Legacy Project (MLP) uses repeat photography to examine landscape level change in the Canadian mountain west. Using historical glass plate images taken from 1888 to 1950, MLP teams seek to determine the location the images were taken from, go to the same mountaintop, and rephotograph them as accurately as possible. The historic and modern images are then aligned and analyzed for landscape-level change. Mary will share with us some striking examples of the work, and help us interpret the landscape patterns, ecological and human legacies on the land, and evidence of climate change in mountain landscapes.

We encourage you to start signing in at 6.50 pm as it will take a while to get everyone settled. Think of this as the usual 30 minute window between the doors opening and the show beginning at our in-person slide shows, with the chance to socialise as people join.

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