Newfoundland Adventure Hike & Tour (B2)

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Trip Leader/ Contact: Gordon Kyle <>,

Trip dates July 17, 2023 to Aug 5, 2023.
Start & finish in St John’s Newfoundland.
Description: This is a loop trip that goes from St John’s up the west coast to the Viking settlement of L’Anse aux meadows, with lots of variety in between.
We’ll acclimatize to Newfoundland outport life in cabin accommodation in rustic Trout River and dayhike the unique barren landscape of the Tablelands where the Earth’s orange mantle shows through the crust!
The main activity will be an 8 day hike through the tuckamore of the North Rim plateau, and hike past/up Gros Morne peak. The first section is a gps route and the Gros Morne section is proper trail. Days will average 7-8 km with about 100m elevation gain for a difficulty rating of B2, except for the second day which is 600m elevation gain.
After the hike we’ll visit the northern tip of the island, and take a Zodiac trip to stay at Quirpon Lighthouse for a night.
Currently there’s room for one or two ppl but if there’s enough interest we can jump up to five more people. It just means we’ll rent a second vehicle for transportation.
Questions? Feel free to email