Mt Newton Traverse

I am posting this on behalf of the trip leader Mike Hubbard for a well-attended trip up, around and then down Mt Newton located in John Dean provincial park. The weather started out with showers and very limited views of Finlayson Arm through the slag on the way up and unfortunately no views from the Abraham Collins lookout at the top. No one opted to cross a rather lengthy but entirely optional log crossing of a pond on the way up. Though our illustrious president did volunteer after being egged on by the trip leader, she was dissuaded by inter alia the ever cautious tail gunner. On dropping down to Pickles’ Bluff for lunch, the ceiling miraculously lifted revealing Saanichton Bay and James Island in the distance. Thereafter the weather improved and the sun even came out for our group photo taken shortly after the one technical step on the route. Then down through the forest to the road, and then a bit below it to climb back uphill for tea. A splendid time for all!