Mt. Drabble October 15th, 2022

On the morning of October 15th, a group of 8 keen ACC VI members met up to summit Mt. Drabble. We met at the parking lot of the old Wood Mountain Lodge near Forbidden Plateau and hit the trailhead around 9:45 am.

We made our way up the steep section of the trailhead which was part of the former ski hill until we reached the trail fork, left leading to Mt. Becher and to the right Mt. Drabble. We continued down into the valley until we reached a nice rest area for a snack. We noticed a lot of garbage and broken glass at a former campsite that we collectively decided to come back for and carry out with us. We picked up quite a bit of broken glass in our lunch containers on the way down as the good environmental stewards we are.

After some light scrambling we reached the summit on this balmy October afternoon around 1:30pm for lunch and a group picture. On the way back we carefully navigated to avoid more potential bee stings as we flagged a nest on our way up. Part of the group was interested in trail running the descent while the rest carried on at a hiking pace.

We collectively reached the parking lot around 5:30pm completing the 20km (give or take everyone’s GPS trackers) This was an incredible, moderate hike for everyone involved. Lots of good conversation from people who have explored this planet far and wide. Many stories were shared and laughs were had.

Thank you Catrin for putting on such a lovely day excursion for the ACC VI and Mike for being an excellent co-lead and finding some berries!