Mount Prevost Hike

Trip Date: Sunday, December 12, 2021
Meeting Time / Location: 10:00 AM @ Drinkwater Rd Trailhead in Duncan
Duration: 5 hrs 11 minutes, including a half-hour lunch break at the summit
Total KMs: 11.8 kilometres roundtrip
Attendees: Vivian (leader), Peggy, Roger, Mike, Cal, Jim, Catrin, Joanna, Scott

This hike was set against a winter wonderland backdrop, as Duncan received some snowfall overnight and more flurries continued to fall throughout the day. The trail looked like it had enough foot traffic that it was easy enough to follow even with the snow. Some felt more comfortable wearing spikes but overall the trail was doable without micro-spikes or crampons.

We arrived at the summit just after 1:00 pm. There was at least a foot of snow at the summit and the fog hid the view of the valley but the wintry scenery still made everything beautiful, as captured by the photos below. After a quick group photo by the memorial, we found a spot away from the wind to have a quick lunch break before heading back. The group arrived the trailhead by 3:40 pm.



More Photos from the trip!