Mount Allan Brooks Snowshoe

Leaders: Peggy and Roger Taylor
Attendees: Eva, Steve

On Dec 30, 2022, four of us left from Raven Lodge in Strathcona Park to snowshoe up Mount Allan Brooks and Mount Elma. There was up to 18" of fresh snow, and no trail to follow much of the way, so the trail-breaking was hard work.

It was snowing off and on, with mild temperatures (-2). When we approached the summit of Mt. Allan Brooks the sun broke through giving us incredible views of the undisturbed snow, glimpses of the surrounding mountains (Strata Mt. to the west and assorted hills to the north) above the fog, and a ‘snowbow’ caused by the sun shining on the falling snow.

Our route down the mountain was steep and challenging. At this point we decided to skip Mount Elma given how long it had taken to break trail and not wanting to return in the dark.
We crossed Lake Helen Mackenzie, and returned via our tracks made that morning (loop closed at the bridge across a stream).

Our trip stats: 12.2km distance, 7.5 hours total time, 5.5 hrs of moving time, 500m total ascent.

Eva Gnech

A great way to end the year - and start winter in the mountains! Thanks for sharing, Eva and Peggy.