Mosaic gates explained

The Mosaic access page gives gate hours updated every week sometimes Thursday, always Friday, sometimes late in the day for the weekend & holidays. Weekday travel is not allowed. Check the link when making trip plans.

Mosaic Forest Management manages logging operations on most of the privately owned forested land on Vancouver Island. An incomplete list of those lands includes areas of interest to hikers & climbers:

  • North Cowichan Lake ( Landalt, Hooper, Heather),
  • Chemainus Main ( Landalt, Whymper),
  • Nanaimo Lakes (Green),
  • Cameron Valley (Arrowsmith, Cokley, Moriarity, Minna‚Äôs Ridge, Labour Day Lake),
  • Ash Valley (Oshinaw Lake, Red Pillar),
  • Buckley (east side of the Beauforts),
  • Comox Lake ( east side Strathcona Park, Mt. Ginger Goodwin, Alone Mt., Carey Lakes, Comox Glacier),
  • Oyster River (Mt. Mitchell, Alexandra).

Some of these gates are open 8+ hours on weekends. Harvesting or other forestry related activities may affect whether or not the gate is open; also untoward weather, heavy rains, snow affecting road conditions or fire risk. Each week can be different in terms of access to the public.

Dialogue has been ongoing for years with the company in efforts to open access to the public, at least to public spaces 24/7. There have been talks at regional & provincial government levels enlisting other user groups & FMCBC. A pilot agreement has recently been initiated for the
Scout & Lowry Lake RSTBC sites on Great Central Lake allowing 24/7 access.

ACCVI has one access agreement with Mosaic signed Sept. 2020 as a pilot experiment. The gate is Comox Main 7km gate at Cumberland. For information on using this access go to our web page explaining the agreement.