Grass Lake circuit 24 October

Harrison trail with its verdant mixed forests, crunchy fallen leaves, weeping moss wall, the steady ascent. Grass Lake in briliant sunshine, belying the cold wind and frigid temperature. Charters Trail down past shows of fungi, sparkling waterfalls and crumbled homesteads. And below, Chum salmon relentlessly swimming up to their spawning grounds, watched over by a black bear waiting for an easy catch.
15 km 500 m up
A fine way to spend BC election day.
Thanks to Scott Collins, Alcina De Oliveira, Colleen Kasting, Mike Hubbard, Garth Stewart.

Harrison Trail

Weeping moss wall:
Colleen looks for climbing routes, Alcina for mushrooms

Grass Lake

King Gentian at Grass Lake: too cold to open today

Water off a duck’s back - or a lily’s leaf?

Empress, lake and cold hikers

A bit less truck each year

Charters tributary

Fungal forays

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