Fairy Meadows Ski Week [B3-C4]

Originally published at: https://accvi.ca/events/fairy-meadows-ski-week-b3-c4/

The VI section was lucky last year in winning the lottery for a week’s skiing at the Fairy Meadows Hut. The skiing in the area is world class. Participants should be experienced and able to ski challenging terrain. There is no beginner terrain here. AST2 preferred but sufficient experience is also acceptable.

The hut has space for 20 people but we will be limiting the number to 12. There will be additional COVID precautions in place both during the trip and before the trip starts. In fact the whole trip is dependent on the COVID situation in February but we are being optimistic.

Skills needed: Advanced/expert skiing, avalanche training and experience
Gear Needed: Backcountry ski gear, avalanche gear
Cost: ~$2000, exact cost to be determined based on number of participants
Contact: mhofmannskis+FM@gmail.com