Crevasse Rescue

Originally published at: Crevasse Rescue – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section



Get ready for glacier travel in summer or winter with Island Alpine Guides(IAG). This one day crevasse rescue course spends an entire day focused on technical systems for glacier travel and crevasse rescue. IAG can accommodate participants with experience or without, so the course can act as both an introduction to these skills or as a refresher. Be prepared for a focused day of crevasse rescue training.


Location– Mt Washington


Date– May 7


Cost- $165



Be prepared for any kind weather and a full day outside. You will need food, water, a hardshell jacket, extra layers, gloves.

A complete gear list will be provided upon registration


All of the following can be provided by IAG. Please let us know in advance if you require us to bring any of these items along for you.


  • Helmet – UIAA approved and adjustable.
  • Ice Axe – general mountaineering tool, 60-80cm depending on your height.
  • 3 Locking carabiners – at least one should be “pear” shaped.
  • 4 non locking carabiners – at least 2 of these should be identical
  • Snow shovel
  • Harness – a simple, lightweight alpine seat harness.
  • 7mm accessory cord – 2 five meter lengths.
  • Double shoulder length (120cm) sewn sling – should be rated to 22kn.
  • Rope – If some people have a rope to bring along they should do so to be sure that we have enough for a number of scenarios.


More course info at


Contact: Please email Iain Sou at with your name and ACC member number to register for courses.