Corner Hill and Dinosaur Ridge W (Sooke Hills)

Corner Hill and Dinosaur Ridge W (Sooke Hills)

Our group of five left the foggy Sooke Hills Wilderness Parking lot at 9am. We followed the Secret Trail/Shepherd Creek Trail to the AP Trail and clambered up Corner Hill enjoying the greenery along the way.

After a tea break we continued to ‘the tree’ for pictures. Mike (though not present) issued a photo challenge in advance. Roger was all too happy to oblige and danced his way along the thick lower branch without tumbling into the salal below.

We continued on to Dinosaur Ridge West and after taking apart a firepit sat down to enjoy the warm February sun and our lunch.

We again encountered poor trail conditions along the Ayum Creek Trail due to the recent snow. Much to our amazement, after almost 4 weeks a few patches of snow remained.

On the way back we decided to pop up the Hammer and enjoy the sunshine.

All in all a very pleasant day in the Hills with great company.

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