Comox Glacier (C2)

Originally published at: Comox Glacier (C2) – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

Description: This mid Vancouver Island landmark in the southeast portion of Strathcona Park is one of the three major ice sheets on the island. The trail to the glacier, at an elevation of 1968 m, does not require any technical mountaineering skills but it is a long route. We will camp 2 nights at the Frog ponds in the open alpine on the access ridge, which allows sufficient time for glacier and mountain views on the second day of the trip. Short steep and exposed sections exist between the Frog ponds and the glacier, with fixed ropes in place.

Requirements: Ice axe self arrest skills, fitness, hiking and camping gear, ten essentials. Note that the route does not normally require the use of an ice axe in the summer but there may still be some steep snow sections at the time of the trip.

To sign up: Please send an email to or contact me via Facebook (Knut von Salzen)