Backcountry ski trip (C3) - Mt. Jutland (1,821m)

Originally published at: Backcountry ski trip (C3) – Mt. Jutland (1,821m) – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

Trip leader contact information: Shawn Hedges (778) 584-0527 for text messages and for email.

Description: Weather permitting – 2-day backcountry ski trip departing Raven Lodge at Mt. Washington for Mt. Jutland with overnight in the vicinity of Sid’s cabin/Circlet Lake.

Skills Needed: Some backcountry ski experience, winter camping and Avalanche Safety Training 1 & 2 recommended.

Equipment: Backcountry skis/skins (ski crampons have proven helpful on past trips ascending up to and beyond the Albert-Ed/Jutland col), all avalanche equipment (shovel, probe, transceiver) and overnight winter camping gear. Note that I’ll send out a recommended gear list a week prior.

Participants: 5-6 but possibly more depending on experience and conditions.

If weather forecast is poor, “Plan B” will be a Saturday day trip up Mt. Becher.