Annual General Meeting Friday 11 February 2022

Hello everyone

Our AGM for 2022 will be online. It will be an opportunity for members to hear from the executive about their activities during 2021, and to elect a new executive for 2022.

Attached are 3 files which we hope are useful ahead of the meeting, some additional reports will be posted in the next week. If you have questions or comments, it would be great if you could make them in advance, as discussion on Zoom at the meeting is quite limited. Please use this forum or email Thank you.

Draft agenda ACC-VI AGM 2022 .pdf (120.2 KB)
Draft Minutes - ACC Vancouver Island Section AGM 2021.pdf (496.9 KB)
AGM Feb 2022 reportsv2.pdf (658.8 KB)

The files attached here are: the agenda, minutes from 2021 AGM, and a compilation of reports from the executive coordinators.

The Zoom link for the event is sent to membership email, we look forward to seeing you there.

I am unable to find the ZOOM link for the AGM in an Email. Have I missed something?Shaun Peck

Here is a comment on the financial report. I was very pleased to see a succinct summary of the Summer Camp revenue and expenses.
I notice that $1,710 is a cost attributed to Equipment Replacement.
In the overall balance sheet it is not clear where this Equipment Replacement fund is held.
I notice that the Hut statement shows $5665 in a Hut replacement fund.
As I have discussed with Garth and members of the Summer Camp Committee and Board members I would advocate for a build up of the summer camp Equipment replacement fund so that if for example a new Tent needs to be purchased in a few years that the funds had been saved for this. There are also many items - like saucepans etc that could be upgraded in the near future.
Shaun Peck

Thanks for making this available. I was able to join the meeting albeit a bit late.