Amigos and the Bumps: Wildflowers galore!

Date: April 24, 2022
Leaders: Rachel Treloar & Mary Sanseverino
Distance: ~11K
Elevation gain: ~650m

The weather on April 24th turned out to be better than expected – as did the wildflower count, with 49 flowering species noted. Of course, having 11 keen-eyed hikers, all on the lookout for blooms, helped immensely!

On Alans Alp checking out some of our destinations for the day. Photo: Mary Sanseverino

The trip started with a visit to a couple of the Amigos: Alan’s Alp for Satinflowers, then on to Tony’s Triumph for Shooting Stars, especially the Dodecatheon pulchellum (Pretty Shooting Star), which is not as common as the Henderson’s Shooting Star.

Dodecatheon pulchellum - Pretty Shooting Star. Photo: Mary Sanseverino

From Tony it was on to the lower slopes of Neil Peak via an off-piste route (now doesn’t that sound much more refined than “bushwhacking”). Neil is famous for a veritable grove of Calypso Orchids at the summit. It didn’t disappoint. Although coming north down the narrow defile off Neil was a bit challenging for Rachel as she was functioning with only one hand. A nasty fall earlier in the week left her with a broken hand!

Elevenses off-piste below Neil. Photo: Mary Sanseverino

Calypso Orchids on top of Neil. Photo: Ken Wong

The team visited John Peak (AKA Stick Bump), lunched at Alan’s Ledge below the summit, then traversed over to the Heavenly Trail to come off Malcolm Mtn. Here the two leaders split the team. One group went back down the Amigos Carriage Way to head up and over David’s Delight (another of the Amigos) and home via Sapsucker Crossing. The other headed back to the cars via the Veitch Carriageway.

Alan’s Ledge. L-R: Rachel, Mike, Ken, Catrin, Liz, Nicole (in the tree), Judi, Dave, Adrian (peeking out between the tree trunks), Katherine, Mary. Photo: Mike Whitney

Pictures in trees won’t take themselves you know! Setting up the tree shot. Photo: Catrin Brown

A fine outing with great views, lots of flowers, some exploration, and even a close-up look at a tree frog.

On Malcolm looking westward down the Heavenly Trail. Photo: Mary Sanseverino

Salmonberry. Photo: Dave Suttill

Skunk Cabbage in David’s Depression. Photo: Dave Suttill

Pacific Trillium on the Veitch Carriageway trail. Photo: Catrin Brown

Pacific Tree Frog - AKA “Chorus Frog”. Photo: Catrin Brown

More photos online.

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Looks like a fun day out. Great to see the number of flowers seen was even higher than our last unofficial outing…very nice indeed!

thanks, my issue has been fixed.