All women beginner friendly hike to Kwai Lake and Cruikshank Canyon

A lovely group of women joined ACCVI’s All Women Beginner Friendly hike to Kwai Lake and Cruikshank Canyon Lookout from 3-4 October. This was our first time to see the canyon from the lookout and we all learned much from each other, including how to take some fun selfies. We spent the weekend feeling grateful for many things, including the beauty of this subalpine area. It was so busy at Kwai Lake that we found a quiet spot in the overflow camping area where it really felt as though we were camping in the backcountry. It rained on us a wee bit before we had breakfast on Sunday morning and there was fog and mist the rest of the day. But that made the lookout seem even more natural. We also enjoyed being “wild women” in some of the lakes. I’m looking forward to more adventures with these wonderful women! Participants included Janelle Curtis, Vivian Addison, Carmen Simpson, Tami Gwilt, Chai Marfisi, and Jamieson Gordon-Mason.

One of our selfie group shots. From left to right, Jamieson, Vivian, Carmen, Janelle, Chai, and Tami.

A beautiful group of women on the way to Lake Beautiful.

More fog on the way to the lookout.

Another selfie group shot, this time at Cruikshank Canyon lookout.

On the way back to Kwai Lake to pick up our gear before heading home.

It seemed like it was starting to clear up for us when we got back to Kwai Lake.

Whiskey Jack at Lake Helen Mackenzie.