All women beginner friendly hike to Elk River Trail

A lovely group of ACCVI women hiked along the Elk River Trail from 23-25 September. This was planned as an all women beginner friendly trip, but we soon realized that hiking to the Upper Gravel Bar (or Gravel Flats) camp area, setting up camp, and then heading to Landslide Lake and the glacial lake at the base of Mount Colonel Foster the next day was more of an intermediate friendly hike. There was a wide range of experience with hiking and mountaineering in our group, but we all learned much from each other about food, gear, backcountry etiquette, napping by scenic lakes, staying warm during the shoulder season, and so much more. We also felt tremendous gratitude for the break in rainy weather and sunny days on the Elk River Trail. Participants included Carly Austin, Janelle Curtis, Alexis Klaasen, Stephanie Klak, Jane Maduke, Jessica Koski, and Pauline Voon
Selfie time! From left to right: Janelle, Alexis, Jane, Jessica, Stephanie, Carly, and Pauline

One of a few switchbacks!

On the way to set up camp.

Dinner time by the Elk River at the upper gravel bar camp area.

On the way to Landslide Lake.

At Landslide Lake, just about to head up to the glacial lake at the base of Mount Colonel Foster.

Landslide Lake and Mount Colonel Foster.

Landslide Lake, Elkhorn Mountain (centre), and Elkhorn South (right).

Just about at the glacial lake!

Panorama of Foster Lake (glacial lake at the base of Mount Colonel Foster)

Enjoying a rest by the glacial lake

Alexis enjoying the view!

Time for a nap!

These people built a fire on the Elk River. Campfires are not permitted in Strathcona Park except “…in authorized and provided BC Parks steel fire rings.” Please do not build fires in the backcountry within our parks. See []( for more details.

Congratulations all! Such a great trip, especially at this time of year - no bugs but colours! Thanks for leading it Janelle.

So, which is the correct name for the upper lake - Foster, Berg, Iceberg, Glacier?
I’m as confused as anyone on which name to use,

@liliumsea It was such a great trip, Janelle! Thanks for being trip leader! So many smiling faces in the parking lot on the return!