All women beginner friendly hike to Drabble Lakes

A lovely group of women joined ACCVI’s All Women Beginner Friendly hike to Drabble Lakes from 17-18 October. This was a cool and wet weekend, but fortunately we didn’t have any snow. We made camp just as the rain started to fall and then headed up toward Mt. Drabble. We didn’t quite get to the summit before our turnaround time, in part because there was one scrambly bit that I didn’t feel comfortable climbing – the rock was a bit too wet and steep for me. We only saw a few people all weekend but heard some hikers coming down from Mt. Drabble well after sunset. We spent the weekend feeling grateful for many things, including the beauty of this area and our tarp which kept us relatively dry while we enjoyed our meals and a few treats. We learned a few things together, like how to set up a tarp and identify some edible fungi. In the end, we left Mt Becher for another day – there were too many large puddles on the trail, but we’ll be back! I’m looking forward to more adventures with these wonderful women. Participants included Colleen Craig, Janelle Curtis, and Jamieson Gordon-Mason.

Our view as we started hiking.

Selfie time at the intersect of trails to Mt. Becher and Kwai Lake. From left to right - Jamieson, Colleen and Janelle.

Colleen leading us into the wilderness.

Jamieson finding our way to Drabble Lakes.

Colleen and Jamieson taking in the view on the shoulder of Mt. Drabble.

Together we managed to get our tarp set up and stayed relatively dry while we ate and enjoyed each other’s company.

This was a VERY serious hike! No goofing around at all. :smiley: