Alexandra Peak (C5)

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Connor Cashin

Alexandra Peak 1983m (49.73800, -125.49266)


Start Feb 14 2023 @ 0400 – Feb 15 2023

Dependant on Snowfall and Avy Risk GO/NO GO on Feb 13 2023


Overnight Ski mountaineering, Snow shoeing and Ice climbing (C5)


Summit Alexandra Peak Via West Ridge/Bowl route, Ice climb if possible and practice winter camping


Gas for civic/golf ~$60


Strathcona Parkway/ Hwy 19 Parking lot @ 0400 (49.72756, -125.10473)


Day 1

Meet at Strathcona Parkway/HWY 19 parking lot @ 0400. Sign waiver. Drive to Western Mine Road/Buttle Bluffs Main logging road and get as far as we can with gate, conditions, vechile clearance, parking etc. Follow this to the beginning of ‘unmaintained trail’ @ ~1250m. It is approx. 11km and 1000m of gain from the gate to the trailhead (49.73801, -125.51679). Climb up gully to flat spot by pond at approx 1670m (49.73630, -125.50240) and drop/set up camp. Decide to attempt summit or ice climb the rest of the day. Camp.

Day 2

Attempt summit or ice climb, when finished, ski/snowshoe back to car. Drive back to Mount Washington/HWY 19 parking lot.

-Skill Level-


Ski mountaineering, Snowshoeing, Camping, Ice\Rock Climbing experience


Crevasse/Rope rescue Course

First Aid Course (CPR, OFA 1/2)



80hr First aid course (OFA 3, EMR, WFR)

Crevasse/Rope Rescue experience


10 Essentials (Everyone) – Navigation,Headlamp,Sun Pro., First Aid Kit, Knife, Fire, Shelter,Food,Water,Clothes.

Avy(Everyone) – Transceiver,Shovel,Probe

Camping – Tent (Connor), Winter Stove (Connor), Sleeping gear (Everyone).

Climbing – Ice Axe x 2 (everyone), Harness(everyone), Helmet(everyone), Belay Device (Everyone),Single Rope 1 x (9.4mm x 70m) (Connor), Ice screws x 6 (Connor), Draws x 5(Connor), Alpine Draw x 2(Connor), Snow picket x 1(Connor), Webbing (Connor), Locking Carabiners x 5 (Connor)




Vaccine proof not required – No Cough, Cold or Flu symptoms