AGM 11 February

Thanks to all those who attended the AGM last Friday. I have had several requests for the recording or for information from the reports in the meeting. The full recording is hosted here, and if you are interested in a specific report you will find them at the following times, give or take a few seconds:

4.30 Intro comments
5.30 Chair report - review of 2021
31.30 Treasurer report
58.00 Membership report
1.00 National club report
1.06 Education report
1.09 Newsletter report
1.12 Access and environment report (includes new information about access agreements)
1.19 BCMFF report
1.25 Kids and Youth Program report
1.28 Equipment report
1.30 Webmaster report (useful review of new features)
1.40 Hut manager report
1.52 Hut treasurer report
1.57 New business - includes a new collaborative project for this year
2.02 Leadership awards
2.10 Nomination report
2.18 Any other business from Mike
2.25 Movie from the hut - but we will post link separately for better quality streaming

I hope this helps keep us all informed about the section’s life and activities over the past year.