ACC-VI Photo Competition Show - links, results, and more!

Hello everyone - hot of the electrons - the 2020 ACC-VI Photo Competition Show is ready for viewing. Zoom was, perhaps, not as cooperative as it could have been (or, maybe yours truly was just expecting more than the platform could deliver) - but, 56 of us “made the summit bid”. Actually, it was probably more as a number of the connections has multiple people viewing.

Technical issues aside, the photos were OUTSTANDING! Our section has some gifted photographers. It was a real treat to see what people have been up to over the past year too.

And, one of the upsides to all this Zooming - people from across the whole section (and even as far as New Brunswick) were able to participate. It was so much fun to see all of you, and to welcome newcomers to the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Island Section!

So, without further ado - here are the links you’ve all been waiting for - all the photos, all the winners, and all the honourable mentions:
All the photos!

The winners and honourable mentions are as follows:

Winner - Activity Summer Category: Linnea Hansen.Looking south from Victoria Peak.
Honourable Mention: Martin
Hofmann and Brian Norwick

Winner - Activity Winter Category: Rudy Brugger. Ian Brown near Duffy Lake.
Honourable Mention: Dave Fishwick and Lisa Spellacy.

Winner - Nature Category: Rob Macdonald. Mountain Coyote.
Honourable Mention: Jessica MacNeil-Mah and Christine Fordham.

Winner - Humour: Jenny Feick. Do not walk on rocks in Canmore!
Honourable mention: David Suttill and Brian Norwick

Winner - Mountain Scenery: Martin
Hofmann. Peak 6863.
Honourable mention: Deon Towle

Winner - Vancouver Island: Finn Battersby. Triple Peak from Hišimy̓awiƛ.
Honourable Mention: Lauren Attorp and Rob Macdonald.

There were some close decisions - congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who submitted a photo. You’ve given us all a taste of just how active (even in a pandemic!) our section is.

Well done all!!