ACC-VI 2021 Photo Competition - links, results, and more!

HI everyone - The 2021 ACC-VI Photo Competition (Thur, Nov 4) was an evening of ohhs, ahhs, laughs, and more than a few good stories.

The pictures are all up on the ACCVI website. Check it out at

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in photos - your contributions gave us all something to celebrate!

And, another big vote of thanks to the audience - both in person and via Zoom. Everyone pulled on their “judgy pants” (apologies to Mike Hubbard who did this for a living - probably in robes) and did a wonderful job with voting.

Perhaps the biggest vote of thanks should go to the Photo Comp Event Team: Brian Parsons (he gathered the photos); Roger Taylor (he ran the tech - flawlessly - on the night); Peggy Taylor (she handled organization); Neil Han (he set up the Zoom); Liz William (she was the vote scrutineer); Dave Suttill (he provided and staffed the goody table); and Ken Wong (he ran the front door check in). Without them I can assure you - this event would not have been possible!

As for me - Mary Sanseverino - I mostly stood and talked - but, I was a university professor - I can stand and talk for hours!

Here are the results:

Activity Summer
Winners (tie):
Jane Maduke - Descent from Barlow
Jim Everard - Blair Piggot decending Robson Glacier
Honourable Mention: Brian Norwick - Kluane

Activity Winter
Winner: John Relyea Voss - Rugged approach by night
Honourable Mention: Margaret Brown - Reconfiguration of Cerise Creek from the rock slide on Mt. Joffre

Shaun Peck - A tale of lost soles
Honourable Mention: Mary Sanseverino - Alcoholic skinny dipper with a hiking problem

Mountain Scenery
Winner: Brian Norwick - Tombstone sunset
Honourable Mention: Carmen Zitek - Tombstone reflections

: Emily Bennett - Alpine owl
Honourable Mention: Jim Everard - Reflection on a message

Vancouver Island
Winner: John Relyea Voss - 5040 Snow cave ski touring
Honourable Mention: Chris Neate - Milky way over Triple Peak

For those of you who are winners in your category, Catrin will be mailing out the Valhalla Gift Certificates to you sometime in the near future. For John, this will include your IQ plaque as well…well done and congratulations!!

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The evening really was a wow! Not sure which was more impressive - the quality of the photographs (they were stunning) or the syncing of the in-person/online voting (it was insane!).

Yes many thanks to all, and extra thanks to you Mary for being our good-humoured host and giving us such a fun evening.

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Indeed! @msanseve , Peggy and the gang. You guys did a fabulous job! We appreciate all the effort it takes to “simul-cast” on Zoom!