Online slide show from Island Mountain Ramblers : Paul Shipman

Originally published at: Online slide show from Island Mountain Ramblers : Paul Shipman – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

“Feast on Adventure”

In this evening of discovery author Paul Shipman will present “The one pot meal ethos: just add water,” a discussion of new techniques for outdoor meals. Learn from his advice and his mistakes while he takes you through all that he has learned over four-years of developing non-perishable, lightweight, delicious meals for the backcountry or where ever Adventure takes you.

Feast on Adventure is a book that instructs on making “just-add-water” meals, which meet the “one-pot-meal” recommendations under the Leave-No-Trace ethos. These meals are lightweight, delicious, and easy to prep in the field.

Paul Shipman is decidedly passionate about food, cooking, the outdoors and sharing his experiences and expertise. He is a Paddle Canada instructor and erstwhile trip leader located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Canadian Shield provides the landscape for his family’s adventures, while the cuisine of Winnipeg’s cultural melting pot informs his palate and recipes.

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