Lake O'Hara Camp - Elizabeth Parker Hut

Originally published at: Lake O’Hara Camp – Elizabeth Parker Hut – Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island Section

This hut-based camp includes seven nights (August 1-7) at the Elizabeth Parker Hut at Lake O’Hara, as well as a first night (July 31) at the Lake Louise Alpine Centre.

This trip is a unique opportunity for a week of hiking and mountaineering exclusively for ACC Vancouver Island Section members at one of the most beautiful sites anywhere in the Canadian Rockies. For a brief description of the hut and the Lake O’Hara region, please see

The trip is self-guided and self-catered. Participants will be divided into seven meal groups, each of which will be responsible for one communal evening meal. Individuals will take care of their own breakfasts and lunches. Participants will also need to arrange their own travel to Lake Louise and back from the Lake O’Hara parking lot on Highway 1. Car-pooling is encouraged and will be facilitated.

The cost for the eight nights will be $450- $500 (exact amount TBD). More information, and an announcement of when registration begins, will be provided in April. The registration opening date is planned to coincide with that for the fly-in camps. Please wait to contact the organizers until the registration announcement appears!