Best of Banff virtual tour: tickets from 26 November - don't miss update January 2021

You have probably heard that the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival (BCMFF), a favourite early winter source of entertainment, is going virtual this year. This means that you can purchase a program of films to stream from the comfort of your own home at the time of your choosing. BCMFF has been a major fund-raiser for our section for many years, and has been key to helping us offer our wide range of programs, and support organisations aligned with our mission on Vancouver Island. We are really hoping that sales of this online event will help to raise funds for us to continue to offer our full range of activities to the community in 2021.

Please support ACC-VI by purchasing a ticket through our unique affiliate link:

Full details are on our website:

A few details:

  • Tickets go on sale on Thursday 26 November; US $ 15 for a single program, US $28 for a bundle of 2 programs. Each program consists of 7 or 8 diverse films.

  • Once purchased, you can start to watch the program anytime over the next 11 months. From when you start watching, you have 3 days to watch a single program, 14 days for a bundle.

We are depending on members to share our affiliate link widely so the return to the club will be maximized. Please help us spread the word in your network. This may also be a great idea for a Christmas present for someone in your circle - no worries about postal delays or size fit!

Any questions, please contact

Thank you for supporting ACC-VI - and enjoy the show!

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Further information since this message was sent: we now have the line-up of films for the 2 programs on offer:

Hope this helps in your ticket purchase choices - enjoy!

This makes a great “virtual” gift too - you can have it sent to your recipient of choice.

Check out these teaser videos for the two programs and use the ACCVI affiliate link in Catrin’s first post to buy your tickets!

Link to AMBER promo teaser, one minute, on Vimeo:

Link to ONYX promo teaser, one minute, on Vimeo:


Buy for yourself, or give a gift of fabulous films from the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival, to watch in the comfort of home.

Use this ACC-VI unique affiliate link to buy a program of films and support the ACC-VI:


More info on ACC-VI Facebook page, or questions to

Just announced - - two incredible opportunities from the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival world tour!

FIRST - Launching February 4th: TWO new film programs, RUBY and SAPPHIRE, for online viewing from the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour!!

Available as individual programs ($15USD/3 day rental period) or in a 2-program bundle ($28USD/14 day rental period). An “Epic Bundle” will also be available, including all 4 of the online programs (Amber, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire).

SECOND – an Award Winners: Monthly Film Series program, featuring film festival award winners from the last three years will be available for online viewing ($15USD) during the last week of each month as a recurring monthly series. Catch up on missed films or re-live some of the best that Banff has to offer.

To support ACCVI programs and initiatives, purchase all these film programs through this ACC-VI unique affiliate link:

[Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival & World Tour]

More details on the ACCVI Facebook page and the ACCVI webpage event schedule.

Further questions to ACCVI at

The first two were amazing! I think “Free as can Be” was my favorite so far.